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Working with Michelle Joy Kramer, Health Coach

Spencer Rudin: lifelong battle with my weight, substance abuse, self-esteem, and happiness

I’m proud to say that I’ve been working with Michelle for over two years now and my life and health have both skyrocketed forward beyond my wildest dreams. I reached out to Michelle as an overweight and unhappy 36 year old who was struggling with lifelong battle with my weight, substance abuse, self-esteem, and happiness. Piece by piece Michelle and I developed and executed a plan to bring me back to health and happiness. Two plus years into my work with Michelle I’m happy to say that I have completed 3 Triathlons, dropped over 50 pounds, happily live a life of sobriety, and continue on a path toward the type of spiritual and physical growth I’ve always desired. Michelle is far more than a coach, she’s my guardian angel, my best friend, and my mentor. As I now begin training for my fourth triathlon I couldn’t imagine doing it without the support and dedication of Michelle, she has changed my life forever and I can’t wait to continue hitting goals and breaking boundaries with her by my side.

Spencer Rudin
(Los Angeles, California)

I have known Michelle Kramer for about eight years through a local running club we are both members of. Back then I considered myself extremely healthy, I was eating a nutritious (I thought) athletes’ diet, worked out 6 days a week and had just completed a full Ironman Triathlon. Over the previous two years my weight had come down from 188 lbs., to 165 lbs., and my resting heart rate from 67 bpm to 60 bpm. I saw no reason to change anything until, I started running with Michelle on a regular basis a little over two years ago. She convinced me that I could improve my overall health and running performance even further. So, I started following her recommendations, beginning with a switch to a whole food, plant-based diet. Within thirty days I had lost an additional 15 lbs., many of my blood markers had improved including my cholesterol, that dropped from 268 to 194, I was sleeping better and had more energy. 

I have a 20-year history of kidney stones, and was taking medication to prevent the formation of more. However, when my urologist learned of my new diet, he removed me from my medication and I have been stone free since. I am now more than two years into my new healthier plant-based lifestyle. At sixty-six years old, I am fitter, faster, and stronger than I was eight years ago, and my resting heart rate has come down even further to 150 bpm.

Working with Michelle has been an amazing journey, which I intend to continue. She is extremely knowledgeable, a great motivator, and a delight to work with! I am truly blessed to have her as a coach and friend. 

Recently Retired (Naples, Florida)

I met Michelle through a mutual friend. I thought having a health coach sounded like something I needed. I had just started a new job; as always new job means no life for months.

As Michelle and I started working together and she gave me “homework assignments” I’d wake up earlier than usual, to have my weekly calls with her from the office. I resented her. I hated how hard she pushed and challenged me. Meditate, cut out animal products, drink less – UGH no, no and no I’d think and I’d push back and push back hard. I thought I’d wear her out. That’s usually how I get things to go away but to her credit she remained determined.

A year later – I’ve cut out all animal products , my diet is completely vegan and I’ve never looked or felt better (yes even at 51). Not only do I mediate – I need my practice as I need to exercise. It’s my therapy, my center of gravity, my guiding light. I see and feel things on a level I didn’t know I had the power to possess. Life is clearer, brighter and more focused.

In short – hard work, some f bombs, commitment and determination with a few swift kicks in the ass from Michelle brought me to this chapter in my life and I am forever grateful. Anyone would be lucky to call her coach and friend 🙏❤️

Michelle Landgrebe
VP Product Development and Sourcing at Shefit (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Here I am, ten years later after working with you on making me healthy and ready to take on the world.

John Labonia
General Manager, WLRN Public Radio & Television

Michelle completely changed the lives of my entire family! From the moment she started working with my husband Amir, our whole family quickly followed in his footsteps and were eager to learn from Michelle as well. Since we began working with her, I not only lost weight but also became a pescetarian (which I still am today), drink alcohol less frequently and have learned to look forward to my green juices! Michelle remains to be a constant source of knowledge and inspiration and if you want to create better habits around food and learn more about nutrition and fitness, look no further!

Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner
Rahaminov Diamonds (Los Angeles, CA)

As a physician specializing in Lifestyle Medicine I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle on a number of clients who have had tremendous success improving not only the quality of their lives but undoubtedly their longevity. Michelle is a fabulous Health Coach who comes along side each client to support them on their health journey. Michelle motivates but also holds clients accountable to their short and long term health goals.

Michelle, as a Health Coach is an integral part of the Lifestyle Medicine team; and from the physician perspective health coaching needs to be a part of the foundation of health care. In reality, current health care is actually the delivery of sick care. Lifestyle Medicine combined with Health Coaching is the true delivery of preventive health care which will help reverse the epidemic of chronic disease in America.

Dr. Salvatore Lacagnina, DO
Medical Director, Lifestyle Medicine Institute

I'm very thankful for you Michelle! You have helped me lose 50 lbs and keep it off for 3 years. While it's not always easy, you constantly put me back on the path when it seems tough to navigate. I look better, feel better and perform better. You are the best!

Ben Lee
Ben Lee Properties, Los Angeles

You changed my life forever!

Amir Goldfiner
Rahaminov Diamonds (Los Angeles, CA)

As a co-founder of California Pizza Kitchen and a lifetime fitness enthusiast, I felt that I knew quite a bit about nutrition, but, frankly, Michelle opened my eyes and took my knowledge to a whole new level. Under her guidance, I lost weight to achieve my target, but, even more importantly, made permanent dietary changes to enhance my well-being.. As a caring coach, who is genuinely concerned about her clients, she is amazing!

Rick Rosenfield
Co-Founder of California Pizza Kitchen

Dee Bowers Health Coaching Testimonial Naples Florida

Michelle is like a walking/talking encyclopedia regarding health and wellness.  She offers a plethora of scientifically researched results that take the guess work out of what truth is.

I believe the ole saying “If we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything”, and the “How To” is what she delivers.

She took me to grocery stores and introduced me to better choices, how to prepare various items, even introduced me to the timesaving InstaPot and Instacart.

There is a learning curve for sure which requires an attitude of “I can, and I want to do this”, but her commitment and knowledge coaches you thru it all.  She is filled with solutions to everything and in the process introduced me to many great websites which offered quality products and good solutions.

I am pleasantly surprised with what we have accomplished in these 6 months, and how my meals are now filling and simplified.  My health and life have improved to a visibly happier healthier me.  The best part is that I will continue to reap the rewards of what I learned from Michelle for the rest of my life.  For this I am very grateful.

Dee Bowers
Naples, FL

Laurie Digges working with Health Coach Michelle Joy Kramer Naples Florida

To the outside observer my life was amazing, living in a tropical paradise with my wonderful husband in an active community. I was fit and fabulous on the outside…inside I was in a state of constant turmoil. It was 2021, I had just turned 61 and was starting to feel the results of living a not so healthy lifestyle. My husband was just about to retire and I had to ask myself, how do I enter into this next chapter of my life with grace, balance and joy.

I hired Michelle to help me figure out just that. I was not exactly sure what to expect and what she could help with, but it was worth a try. It’s hard for me to believe that our coach/client relationship lasted close to two years. Nothing was off limits! If it involved my life then we explored it. Everything from relationships to hobbies. Education, spirituality, family, finances, health, diet, fitness and more. She was a guiding light on this journey always providing resources and direction. Michelle helped me realize that my mind and soul have at its disposal access to the world of beauty within. Relying on just myself to invoke feelings that I so desperately wanted. Mediation and yoga were at the core of all we did. My time spent with her was challenging, at times painful but always insightful and inspirational.

I found the tools I needed to enjoy this next phase of my life. Can I age with grace, balance and joy? Yes, I can.

Laurie Digges
Naples, FL

When I started working with Michelle little did I know that I was about to experience three of life’s ten most stressful events – moving, an injury and starting a new job. Through it all there was Michelle’s steady, firm, consistent guidance leading me to care for my mind, body and health. There were several times where I just felt I couldn’t possibly change entrenched habits (even if they made me healthier) and juggle the various balls life seemed to be throwing at me.

But I honestly can say – it was because I went on that journey with Michelle that I was able to co-create a life that gave me the energy to meet things head on. I went on a plant-based whole foods diet, I was able to go off one of my two medications for RA, I lost weight, and my cholesterol came down. But more than all those wonderful life changes – it was Michelle’s loving support and knowledge that helped me completely embrace a life that makes me feel more expansive, energetic and alive. She’s simply the best coach you will ever have! Be prepared to open doors you didn’t even realize were closed.

Denise Simone

Michelle taught me how to be a healthier and happier version of myself. Through a whole food, plant-based diet (which I never thought I could do), I am now 16 pounds lighter, stronger and energized. And all of this was accomplished in under six months. Michelle gave me the tools to live my life in harmony with my body and mind, not in spite of them.

Jeffrey A. Sklar
Sklar Kirsh, Los Angeles

Cindy Success Story Michelle Joy Kramer

“I don’t need a health coach!” I said to Michelle, surprised as I thought I was simply calling a Chef to cook a few healthy weekly meals for us. Well, I guess I needed a Health Coach after all, because I hired her, and WHAM…my life changed. Truly. I lost 30 pounds in six months (I didn’t know I had that much to lose!), my bloodwork improved tremendously (I remember my Doctor’s surprise after only 3 months into Whole-Food-Plant-Based-Michelle-Coaching, saying, “Cindy, I’m comparing your previous bloodwork to your current results, and your inflammation, which was in the way-too-high category hasn’t just lowered…it’s GONE.”) I was able to get off my blood pressure medicine as well. I’m not the type of person that will immediately jump on any new, fad “diet-healthy-bandwagon”. Michelle realized that I needed medical studies, doctor lectures, medical journal reports, etc. to substantiate all she was suggesting I do; whether it be whole food plant-based eating, giving up oils and alcohol, to exercise requirements for good health. She spent hours getting me the medical confirmations behind her teachings and because of that, I took her program on immediately — Cold Turkey—100%. And, I lost all cravings for previous foods and alcohol (no, I’m not kidding!), lost 3-4 dress sizes, lost high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and perhaps most importantly—I felt amazing. I remember thinking to myself that I didn’t remember feeling poorly before; I always thought I was just fine. Not until taking on Michelle’s coaching, did I realize how good I COULD feel. I’ll never forget the day when my partner, Stuart (who is an ultra-marathon runner, who also took on Michelle’s program and benefited from it!) ran into the house, wide-eyed with excitement, and gleefully exclaimed, “Cindy!!!! I was driving in the neighborhood and saw a cute girl jogging—and I looked closer (of course he did!) – and it was YOU!!! I had to stop the car and take it in…because the Cindy I knew before had never jogged a day in her life. I’m SO proud of you.” That was an “a ha!” moment for me. Michelle helps you achieve “a ha!” moments…and if anyone needs backup to substantiate that claim—you can call me anytime. Or, better yet, you can simply ask that cute girl you see jogging.

Naples, FL

Kathy Bigham
If you want “results”- I highly recommend Michelle Joy Kramer!

We all know there is a lot riding on our health and well-being. Michelle has made a huge difference in my life. When I started with Michelle, I couldn’t run down the street! Now, six months later I am running 10k’s, training for my first half marathon and loving every minute of it!

Anything is possible with Michelle by your side….don’t hesitate to Make your life Extraordinary!

Kathy Bigham
President, Bigham Jewelers (Naples, FL)

Thank you for making one of my 2012 personal goals a reality! Your encouragement, guidance and preparation allowed me to complete one of the most challenging Boston Marathons in history. The combination of nutritional planning and physical training had me prepared for any conditions that I could have faced. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who has aspirations to achieve any challenging physical event will benefit from your knowledge and heart rate training. I couldn’t have done it without you and I am incredibly grateful for your guidance.

Chris Mee
Sr. Vice President, John Hancock Mutual Funds

Health Coaching with Michelle has literally changed my life! Michelle guided me through the process of examining what it means for me to truly live a healthy lifestyle. She helped me understand health is not only related to nutrition and exercise, but also my “primary foods” of healthy relationships, spirituality and career. With Michelle’s support, I achieved the initial set of goals we mapped out at the beginning, and am well on my way toward accomplishing a new set of challenges! My one regret is that I didn’t find Michelle earlier in my life so I could have taken advantage of the fantastic results I’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Michelle to achieve even more!

Rachel Evans
President, EnteLead Inc (Naples, FL)

On December 25, 2017, I received a Christmas present from my husband. He had hired Michelle Kramer as my health coach for 6 months, starting January 1, 2018. At first, I was overwhelmed with gratitude then fear set in. Would I be able to do this because I was in my busy season at the salon? Some of my issues of concern were chronic coughing and high cholesterol. I started on my whole food plant based nutritional plan and off to the races I began. Michelle was there every step of the way guiding me, supporting me, meeting me, calling me, texting me, and emailing me. What I have learned and how it has changed me from the inside out, the results have been amazing. My cholesterol dropped 50 points, my coughing was better, my skin glowed, I had more energy, no more bloating, and I even lost weight which was not even a goal I had. Thanks to my husband for hiring Michelle Kramer and for her knowledge and experience to show me how to live and eat a whole food plant based way of life.

– Suzanne Wallace (Naples, FL)

Group Coaching

One of the most rewarding changes I experienced in Michelle Kramer’s Health Coach Program is the significant lowering of my cholesterol. I have always thought I had a decent baseline knowledge in keeping healthy with a commitment to regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. However, my cholesterol was always stubborn and remained on the high side even with medication. I am excited to say that the prescription has been reduced with further consideration to make me medication-free.

Michelle has introduced many aspects of healthier living to me, including organic and gluten-free foods, the importance of making your exercise more effective with heart conditioning and most importantly, taking a moment to really listening to yourself and your needs. Michelle has given me some life-changing guidance for which I continue to follow and I am extremely grateful to her!

Adrienne Kennedy
Executive Producer
WLRN Public Radio and Television

I lost about 15 lbs and liked what I saw, and how I felt, this jump started my health and wealth journey. The success of the health coach program for me was due in part to the fact that Michelle deals not just with what you look like physically but what’s going in on the inside. What’s your happening in your everyday, your relationships as it pertains to a spouse or your spirituality. For the most part my break though came when I took on the challenge of not eating sugar or merely anything white for a month. At first I was fatigue but discovered it was more mental then anything. I lost about 15 lbs and liked what I saw and how I felt this jumped start my health and wealth journey.

Although I did not continue my sugar free no white products I am more consciously clear of my intent of such products as well as good healthier snack choices. You Michelle have taught me that there are no right or wrong answers just a variety of choices that are better choices. In short I discovered an awakening in me that has me at peace and inline with the Universe.

Stephanie Williams
Business Management Assistant
WLRN Public Radio and Television

I have a greater understanding of myself, physically and emotionally.

The No. 1 measurable I took away from the program is a decided increase in empathy and camaraderie from coworkers who are in other departments. I feel closer to them and I feel more joined to them as we all pursue WLRN’s mission.

No. 2 is that I have a greater understanding of myself, physically and emotionally. And along with gaining more information about myself, the learning showed me why that is important.

Terence Shepherd
News Director
WLRN Public Radio and Television

I began to open up and discuss things that I was scared to achieve, things that I knew I could accomplish. My fears grew stronger, so I would do the minimum and had a lot of self-doubt in between. With the help of Michelle I gained courage back, my fears of being shy, and not being able to go forward in life slowly began to fade, I became more confident in myself, more confident in the words I would speak, I even become more of an out the box, self-expressing person. I did not become the person I am today just because Michelle cares and is always here when I need someone to talk to, but it was also because of her being such a drill sergeant (my name for her) and making sure I would eat the right foods, drink a lot of water and I mean a lot of water, at first I use to think it was weird when she would say what I eat determines my mood and attitudes, but when I put my stubborn ways aside I began to follow her lead and listen to what she would tell me and I began to see the difference. As I stated before I am more of the confident person I was always created to be, I no longer let the words of others dictate my life or my goals I set for myself. I am proud to say that through the struggle I finished school and walked across the stage May 2, 2015, with my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. This degree was different from my other degree because I had my motivation, Michelle by my side. I am also proud to say that I am very proud of the woman I have become and the greater woman I will continue to become.

Shayla Whites
Skilled Clerical
WLRN Public Radio and Television

Michelle Joy Kramer Private Health Coach Naples Florida

Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone?

Well, you are NOT alone any longer, and I want to help you achieve your goals by creating a program ESPECIALLY FOR YOU that will allow you to take control of your health and your wellness.

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.