If you want “results”- I highly recommend Michelle Joy Kramer!
We all know there is a lot riding on our health and well-being. Michelle has made a huge difference in my life. When I started with Michelle, I couldn’t run down the street! Now, six months later I am running 10k’s, training for my first half marathon and loving every minute of it!

Anything is possible with Michelle by your side….don’t hesitate to Make your life Extraordinary!

– Kathy Bigham (President, Bigham Jewelers. Naples, FL)


Thank you for making one of my 2012 personal goals a reality! Your encouragement, guidance and preparation allowed me to complete one of the most challenging Boston Marathons in history. The combination of nutritional planning and physical training had me prepared for any conditions that I could have faced. There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who has aspirations to achieve any challenging physical event will benefit from your knowledge and heart rate training. I couldn’t have done it without you and I am incredibly grateful for your guidance.

– Chris Mee (Sr.Vice President, John Hancock Mutual Funds.)



Michelle exudes health and vitality and that is exactly what she motivated me to discover for myself, she rocks the house!

Michelle Kramer joins you in partnership to help you unlock your most vibrant, dynamic self. My life is now mindfully charged with positive – daily – and healthy decisions. When I started working with Michelle it was a dark, cold winter. When I finished it was literally and figuratively a new light- filled – and healthy – Spring!

– Denise Simone  (Actor/Artistic Director. Sun Valley, ID)


Health Coaching with Michelle has literally changed my life! Michelle guided me through the process of examining what it means for me to truly live a healthy lifestyle. She helped me understand health is not only related to nutrition and exercise, but also my “primary foods” of healthy relationships, spirituality and career. With Michelle’s support, I achieved the initial set of goals we mapped out at the beginning, and am well on my way toward accomplishing a new set of challenges! My one regret is that I didn’t find Michelle earlier in my life so I could have taken advantage of the fantastic results I’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Michelle to achieve even more!

– Rachel Evans  (President, EnteLead Inc. Naples, FL)


“I had extraordinary results working with Michelle as my health coach for 8 months. Every two weeks we would convene via skype. She had a prepared lesson plan but it always started with me. How I was doing, any questions or issues I had in meeting my stated goals and outcomes was the primary topic. There was a lot of trust and a sincere bonding that was ultimately the key to my success. My eating habits changed significantly, but the change was slow and I felt in control of the changes the whole time. I now love juicing, my smoothies, greens galore, and raw foods. I don’t think Coach Michelle is shocked by all my positive changes, but I am! I wasn’t sure I could do it. Looking back it all happened pretty easily. ”

– Paula Petry, PhD  (Spiritual Energy Healer. Miami, FL)


Astounded, grateful and transformed. I had no idea when I said yes to working with Michelle that my life would be filled with so many possibilities.. My way of thinking, what I put on and in my body and how I exercise have left me healthy, balanced, strong, fit and yes, lighter both emotionally and physically. A mere year ago, I was lethargic, without focus or purpose and living nomadically. Now, I live an active, engaged life in Reno, NV where the mountains and lakes make me smile and I havethe opportunity to help my parents as they slow down. I am connected, compassionate, and excited for what each day brings.  Read More…

– Meg Shea (President, Ripple Effect Partners, San Diego, CA)